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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deep Winter Decorating

It’s always around this time of year, when the holidays are over, the weather is crummy, and comfort food becomes my daily diet, that I feel kind of blah with my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the seasons. They help frame memories and I enjoy the hope and anticipation of the next season. But I seem to do much better with summer vignettes in my house, and always struggle with how to use my decorating accessories for winter use. 

So I’ve been flipping through design books and magazine to inspire myself –and you!

Inspiration one; Sweaters!  This chic and cozy pillow cover is handmade (and authentically English!).  The Etsy store has lots more options and colors.  I have a pair (just ask the owner for a set and she is happy to oblige) of ecru cream pillows and love snuggling up to them on the couch for my daily Aran sweater fix.
Inspiration two: Cashmere!  It inspired a Seinfeld show and has been a luxury item for centuries.  I love looking at the Atlantic Blanket company website.  It’s as relaxing as having a glass of wine.

Inspiration three: Sleigh Rides!  Jingle bells –the essential safety precaution of yesteryear’s transportation looks great on a decorative plate, or piled up in a glass apothecary jar.  Either new and shiny, or old and weathered, safety like this is always in style.

Inspiration four and five:  Walks in winter woods!  If you stroll in an area that has deer year-round you may spot a shed antler or two laying about.  Take it home, clean it up with a few drop of bleach in a sink of water, and it looks great on a mantle or table next to some candles and books.   The bare branches of the trees are also another great source of inspiration.  Their sculptural quality is equally captivating in a vase or basket inside.  Best of all you can arrange your ‘tree’ to suit any size space.  Use long branchy-branches near a winter on the floor if you want some height in your ‘sculpture’.  Or put snap twigs in a julep cup for a super simple ‘bouquet’.

Inspiration six: My wardrobe!  Layers are essential for my winter dressing.  Likewise I’ve applied the dressing concept to my sofa and chairs by layering my throw blankets and pillows (in some places three deep).  This way I can enjoy them all at once!

Happy 2011!  Love, Lauren

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