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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Be still my heart textiles

I have always loved rich fabrics and colorful pillows.  I am of the mind furniture should be a neutral color and throw pillows and blankets can be that punch of color needed to spice up the room.  This way, you can change them out on a whim and have a whole new look anytime you feel like it.  I just adore these patterns and colors from Jayson Home and Garden

- Tina

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We just wanted to send a quick note to everyone and wish you a very Merry Christmas.  We hope you are with family (or friends that are family), and that this holiday season brings you lots of joy and makes great memories.

For anyone still working through their shopping list (who says Christmas has to end on Dec 25?), check out some great post-Christmas sales at the below retailers:

JC Penny: opens at 5:30 am on Dec 26, and offers 50-60% off clothing and 75% off Christmas items.

Target: 50-70% off bed and bath items, as well as 75% off select clothing, electronics, furniture and more.

Barnes & Noble: 50-75% off books, as well as savings on DVDs, calendars, video games and more.

KB Toys announced earlier this week it will be closing, so sales will start at 40% off on many items, and liquidation sales will continue into the New Year.

You can save up to 80% at Kohls with their clearance sales, both online and in stores.

And don't forget about Etsy!  Should anyone happen to still be searching for a gift for me, I have my eye on this sweet little necklace from Satin Corset.  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!
-Katie, Lauren, Tina and Lana

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SF Renegade Craft Faire Rundown 2010

Ahh, I am still basking in the proud glow of being a Patroness of the Crafty Arts…

The shopping therapy at this year’s second annual San Francisco Renegade Craft Faire was as good to the people on my holiday gift list as it was for my creative soul.  I missed out on the first annual Renegade Faire, and went to this one with few expectations.  I left with full bags and my mind even more full of ideas and inspiration.  

First of all, can I just say that I am continuously amazed by the talent that is out in the world.  While admiring the handiwork of the vendors my inner critic repeatedly reminded me that ‘these people are cooler than me’.  And thank goodness they are.  The ingenuity, creativity, resourcefulness, --not to mention the discipline and drive it takes to organize your business, build your inventory, market your wares, etc. etc. was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. 

Here’s a list of artists from which I bought items in no particular order:

Alana Douvros –love, love, love my ammonite ring.  I feel like a geologist-sophisticate wearing a tiny fossil that is 65 million years old, give or take a few millennia.  Didn’t get a necklace with a similar setting and am kicking myself over it.  She also had a vintage red coral necklace on a brass chain that was simply stunning.  I’ll be stalking those items on Etsy.

K.M.Knits –I bought a checkerboard knit infinity scarf in turquoise.  It matched my skirt and my eye shadow so I couldn’t resist.  Warm, cozy, and the perfect length.

Nous Savons –Picked up a black and gray plaid scarflet with fabulous Indian Head Nickel buttons. It somehow manages to be classy and edgy at the same time, --much like their booth at the faire, and their website.

Pie Bird Press –picked up a six pack of their punchy block press note cards. You’ll know you’re special to me when you receive one of these (wink).

Pacific Puzzleworks –Christmas gift spoiler alert… I bought the prototype of the “Mass Knot” wooden puzzle cube from the puzzle designer, Lee Krasnow.  This brain wrenching puzzle is headed into the capable hands of my chemist/mechanical engineer/professor grand-uncle.  It was the only one of this type and Lee told me quite seriously that he doesn’t usually give this puzzle out unless the receiver of the puzzle can prove to him that he’s ready for the challenge.  Roll up your sleeves, Eldon…

Eristotle  –the red tartan plaid horse silhouette pillow I scored is still gracing her Etsy page. She upcycled the tartan wool from an skirt of hers.   Once I brought it home I paired it with pillows I purchased from Rustic Threads.  Now my chair is much to pretty to sit on.  If the public demands photos, we can make that happen. Just let me know...

Rustic Threads –rustic chic from upcycled European grainsacks and antique canvas book covers meets simple, cozy design.  These designs surface at antique faires, but these pillows were some of the best quality examples I’ve seen.  And fairly priced too.  So I got two.

Jen Jewelry –I bought a pair of beaded earrings and a coordinating necklace from Jen.  They’re so vibrant and fun with a Moorish/Moroccan vibe I’ve been really into ever since I got back from Spain this past summer.

The Weekend Store –another gift spoiler…I got some terrific New York, France, & Ireland cufflinks and necklaces made from tiny cut-outs of vintage maps, for friends living in or from those places.  I wish I lived closer so that I could hear the squeals of delight when they first see them.

Bug Under Glass –The scientists and ‘science-curious’ in the family are notoriously difficult to shop for.  No more! I got a mounted Charles Darwin butterfly framed in a turquoise wooden shadowbox.  The insects are farm-raised, die naturally, and then are exquisitely preserved as art.  Amazing.

Gangs of San Francisco  –yet another gift spoiler. Loved this guy’s work and the local stories that inspired his designs.  Check out his site for the legends and the goods.

Once Lost Jewelry --I bought a pair of her deconstructed watch cufflinks to give my engineer husband who has recently embraced ‘man jewelry’.   I know he’ll appreciate the intricacy of the tiny exposed parts, and the repurposing of the gleaming old watch parts on the cufflinks will be sure to impress his less fashion-forward engineer peers.

May this holiday season bless and inspire you for the new year.

Upcycle Your Clothing - great blogs

This time of the year, I am either looking at my closet thinking that I have nothing to wear to the various holiday parties, or I am dreaming of the potential new items that could be added in just a few days when Santa visits.  Both of these make me consider what articles I should pull to be donated. 

However, two of my favorite blogs have made me rethink my old clothing items.  How can I make them like new (and holiday party appropriate)?  Enter New Dress a Day and Grosgrain Fabulous!

New Dress a Day chronicled Marisa's journey to only spend $1/day on clothing for an entire year (Nov 2009 - Nov 2010).  Lucky for all of us, she has a full before/after gallery as well as some quick tips on what you can do to get similar fabulous results.  I don't even like lace, and just look what she was able to do with this monster.  Oh, and sorry if you have/love the original (we all have opinions, right?).  :-)



Just add dye (she has a tutorial), cut the length, and ta-da...new dress!

I also am happy to report that Kathleen of Grosgrain Fabulous just finished her "Embellished Knits" month, and has hinted she may continue it. I am so excited!  Just look at the before and after below.  She even has a step-by-step how-to for anyone who wants to copy her ideas. 



She made a cardigan that is Anthropologie-worthy from a drab long sleeve t-shirt.  How fun!

Just think of the possibilities that exist in your closet.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Banana Republic Boutique Shopping

It has been awhile since I visited the Banana Republic site, and am very excited about their new organization.  On the left hand side of the women's homepage, there is a "Boutiques" section, with fun categories such as "outfits we love", "going out" and "stylish work".  Then they have a few great ideas for full outfits.  When you click on the outfit you like, it takes you to a page the itemized breakdown of the pieces to put it together.  How fun is that!?!  There is also your typical single item options for you traditionalists, but how I love when someone thinks for me when it comes to fashion!

Here is a fun one from "outfits we love":

And I like this for "stylish work":

With all the holiday parties, who can forget "going out":

You know you need a Christmas gift for yourself.  Just give in.

Renegade Craft Fair - a few finds by Katie

For anyone in a creative slump, or who still had some Christmas shopping to do, the Renegade Craft fair came just in time!  We had so much fun just looking at all the creativity in the room, and made sure we looked at each booth just to see what crafty things people had come up with...and we were not the only ones.  Just look at this crowd!

It was so hard to choose just a few booths to post about, so you will probably see more from me in the coming weeks.

One of the first booths we came to was Mystic Mobiles.  She had a beautiful display of the mobiles she makes from paper, which were beautiful.  Just look at one of her items for sale on Etsy:

Since her products are made from paper, you get a beautiful gift idea for little to no shipping costs, which can also hang just about anywhere indoors (without special hooks).

I managed to find gifts for 6 friends at Flock Home.  I was tempted by this elephant:

But ended up taking home onsies with the cutest giraffe, mouse and ladybug designs.  You can find her items on Etsy as well by clicking here.

As far as jewlery goes, I love anything that is salvaged, so was drawn to Noble Town Vintage like a magnet.  I found some great re-claimed chain earrings, and can't wait to see what else she has available online.  Check out her Etsy store here.

Finally, one of my last purchases (when I was completely out of cash, but luckily had my back up check book), were these great square bottom totes/bags from Finch with the cutest hand painted designs on them.  I have been on the hunt for totes that stand up on their own, and these were perfect for my needs.

Finch also sells the softest baby items with great designs.  You can find more great items at their Etsy store by clicking here for home items or here for baby items.

I can't wait to see what booths Lana and Lauren highlight.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back from Renegade Craft - Part 1

We had a great time at the Renegade Craft Fair today! Stay tuned for pics of items and artists we discovered.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Paper Projects

I tend to keep all my old magazines, sometimes going back to the pages I marked as good gift ideas, fun home decor ideas, or places I want to see.  This habit of keeping the magazines drives my husband CRAZY.  I admit, I should get rid of some (okay most) of them, and often do by donating to doctor offices, friends, etc.  The thing is...I keep getting new magazines!  You can imagine my thrill when I came across the make-your-own-gift-bows DIY idea from Whole Living.  Just look how well they turn out:

For the full DIY instructions, click here.

You can also check in on one of my favorite sites, Maggie Makes, for other fun ideas, such as this paper ornament made from book pages.

Happy crafting!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cozy Mugs

My hands are chronically cold, especially at this time of the year.  I find myself always holding my coffee mug with both hands, so the handle is just in the way.  That is why I fell in love with this new item from Starbucks:

Look how warm and cozy that looks!  It could almost be an accessory.  As a bonus, the felt wrap is removable for easy washing, and sits in a groove on the mug so it won't slide off. 

I also thought this piece from Shiny Shack was unique, as I love textures.  Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock:

If you are more of a pattern lover, Pyrex Love has this option, which seems to only be available on eBay:


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reuse Wooden Crates

One of my favorite items to hunt for are old wooden crates.  They can be advertising, apple, milk, wine...so many shapes and sizes for many potential uses.  It is also fun to find one from your area, which is evident by the printed advertisment on most of them.

You probably have guests coming for the holidays, so how can you make your guest bathroom more homey?  I use one for TP storage and the top holds lotion, room spray, and extra toiletries in my home. 


You can also brighten up a room by using an old box as a planter.  There are a lot of crates with colorful print, such as this old advertising box on Storybook Life:

You can also stack old cartons to create shelving, which can either reside on the wall or stack on the floor.  I like the rustic look of this wall unit created with apple crates (thanks Apartment Therapy!):

How would you use an old crate?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

If you live in the SF Bay Area and have not made plans this weekend, come and support the artists at the Renegade Craft Fair.  The event is being held at the Concourse Exhibition Center in SF and is free to attend.  They are featuring handmade items from jewelry and clothing to ceramics and printed goods. There will be craft workshops and even a photobooth on site!


Gifted Magazine

When Gifted Magazine came out, I poured over it immediately.  Ez of Creature Comforts did such an amazing job of compiling this.  It is filled with wonderful craft projects and gift suggestions.  The magazine also contains interviews with bloggers and behind the scenes features with Rifle Paper Co., mudpuppy, Clementine, and Redefine Home.  If you have not read it yet, definitely pop on over to take a look.


Gift Tags by eatdrinkchic

I have been a huge fan of the blog eatdrinkchic for some time now and I was excited to see that Amy Moss provided free printable holiday gift tags  this year.  Aren’t these sweet?
I used her festive Holiday Mail Stripes gift tag and treat bag for gift-giving last year.  The tag and treat bag are available here  and here.  She also has other printables that coordinate with these items.


Monday, December 13, 2010


I started my holiday baking this weekend, so cookies are at the forefront of my mind.  Here some fun gingerbread related items.

This is an adorable gingerbread party invitation (look at the candy cane door!).  The template and tutorial are by ­­­One Charming Party and can be found here.

I spied these tiny gingerbread houses for your cup from the notmartha blog (found via simplesong).  Click here for the template and tutorial.

Here are some "Ninja Bread Men" cookie cutters to make holiday baking even more fun.  Available here.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Etsy Shop is Open

Between our full-time jobs and the busy holiday season, we completely forgot to announce that our Etsy shop is open!  Our shop is named covetcollectiveSF (click here for the shop). We have posted some great vintage items (from accessories to decor) and have also started to stock handmade items as well. Check back often since we plan to add to our inventory frequently.  If you have any questions about an item, definitely convo us through Etsy.


Wooden Objects

Here are some decorative and functional wood items that would make great holiday gifts:

Heirloom Recipe Card Box by Rife Paper Co. that is made from reclaimed wood

Twiggy Serving Set from Anthropologie

Address File by 1Canoe2

Bamboo Magnet Board from West Elm


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Canvas and Leather Bags

Ever since I saw this tutorial for a simple and chic bag by Renke for Desgin*Sponge, I wanted to make a canvas bag with leather accents.  

Since I don’t have that much free time on my hands and my sewing machine is in need of repair, I have been on the lookout for similar bags to purchase.  In my search, I came across the following:

The Quality Mending Company makes a tote bag that is available through their site and through Madewell.  

Makr  bags have an understated simplicity and style.  Their backpack and large canvas tote are available in several colors.

This tote bag/log carrier from Eddie Bauer is rugged and has a lot of character.  I love that there are zippers down both sides of the bag as well as two exterior flap pockets.  I wouldn’t mind using this as a travel bag or even as a baby bag.

Here is a tool/mason bag from the Heritage Leather Company that would serve as a great tote bag.  I like the colorful leather accent on the bottom as well as the metal accents along the top of the bag.  There is also metal hardware underneath to protect from wear and tear.  This comes in three sizes.  

I just came across this Kaufmann Mercantile canvas tote bag yesterday and I have to admit that it is my favorite one.  This one goes on my wish list!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Calendars

This holiday season, I’ve seen some great advent calendars.  Although we are several days into December, I still thought I would share them with you. 

Two of my favorite ones are available from Pottery Barn.  I love the rustic look of these and that the little gifts peek out of the containers. To purchase, click here for the bucket and branch calendar and here for the burlap sack calendar.

If you have time to craft one, here is a great tutorial from Twig and Thistle. I love that this calendar is magnetic.  Twig and Thistle uses cheerful colors, but you could probably do your own twist on this by substituting with seasonal colors or even photos of the family holding up numbers.  The possibilities are endless.

Here is another simple DIY origami box advent calendar by Lorajean's Magazine for the blog Whatever Dee-Dee Wants.  
She created this as a countdown for Thanksgiving, but it easily doubles as a countdown for Christmas.  I like the simple craft-colored origami boxes that can be dressed up like this example below also by Lorajean's Magazine. You can use mini clothespins to attach the numbers on small tags instead of stamping them directly on the box.