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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SF Renegade Craft Faire Rundown 2010

Ahh, I am still basking in the proud glow of being a Patroness of the Crafty Arts…

The shopping therapy at this year’s second annual San Francisco Renegade Craft Faire was as good to the people on my holiday gift list as it was for my creative soul.  I missed out on the first annual Renegade Faire, and went to this one with few expectations.  I left with full bags and my mind even more full of ideas and inspiration.  

First of all, can I just say that I am continuously amazed by the talent that is out in the world.  While admiring the handiwork of the vendors my inner critic repeatedly reminded me that ‘these people are cooler than me’.  And thank goodness they are.  The ingenuity, creativity, resourcefulness, --not to mention the discipline and drive it takes to organize your business, build your inventory, market your wares, etc. etc. was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. 

Here’s a list of artists from which I bought items in no particular order:

Alana Douvros –love, love, love my ammonite ring.  I feel like a geologist-sophisticate wearing a tiny fossil that is 65 million years old, give or take a few millennia.  Didn’t get a necklace with a similar setting and am kicking myself over it.  She also had a vintage red coral necklace on a brass chain that was simply stunning.  I’ll be stalking those items on Etsy.

K.M.Knits –I bought a checkerboard knit infinity scarf in turquoise.  It matched my skirt and my eye shadow so I couldn’t resist.  Warm, cozy, and the perfect length.

Nous Savons –Picked up a black and gray plaid scarflet with fabulous Indian Head Nickel buttons. It somehow manages to be classy and edgy at the same time, --much like their booth at the faire, and their website.

Pie Bird Press –picked up a six pack of their punchy block press note cards. You’ll know you’re special to me when you receive one of these (wink).

Pacific Puzzleworks –Christmas gift spoiler alert… I bought the prototype of the “Mass Knot” wooden puzzle cube from the puzzle designer, Lee Krasnow.  This brain wrenching puzzle is headed into the capable hands of my chemist/mechanical engineer/professor grand-uncle.  It was the only one of this type and Lee told me quite seriously that he doesn’t usually give this puzzle out unless the receiver of the puzzle can prove to him that he’s ready for the challenge.  Roll up your sleeves, Eldon…

Eristotle  –the red tartan plaid horse silhouette pillow I scored is still gracing her Etsy page. She upcycled the tartan wool from an skirt of hers.   Once I brought it home I paired it with pillows I purchased from Rustic Threads.  Now my chair is much to pretty to sit on.  If the public demands photos, we can make that happen. Just let me know...

Rustic Threads –rustic chic from upcycled European grainsacks and antique canvas book covers meets simple, cozy design.  These designs surface at antique faires, but these pillows were some of the best quality examples I’ve seen.  And fairly priced too.  So I got two.

Jen Jewelry –I bought a pair of beaded earrings and a coordinating necklace from Jen.  They’re so vibrant and fun with a Moorish/Moroccan vibe I’ve been really into ever since I got back from Spain this past summer.

The Weekend Store –another gift spoiler…I got some terrific New York, France, & Ireland cufflinks and necklaces made from tiny cut-outs of vintage maps, for friends living in or from those places.  I wish I lived closer so that I could hear the squeals of delight when they first see them.

Bug Under Glass –The scientists and ‘science-curious’ in the family are notoriously difficult to shop for.  No more! I got a mounted Charles Darwin butterfly framed in a turquoise wooden shadowbox.  The insects are farm-raised, die naturally, and then are exquisitely preserved as art.  Amazing.

Gangs of San Francisco  –yet another gift spoiler. Loved this guy’s work and the local stories that inspired his designs.  Check out his site for the legends and the goods.

Once Lost Jewelry --I bought a pair of her deconstructed watch cufflinks to give my engineer husband who has recently embraced ‘man jewelry’.   I know he’ll appreciate the intricacy of the tiny exposed parts, and the repurposing of the gleaming old watch parts on the cufflinks will be sure to impress his less fashion-forward engineer peers.

May this holiday season bless and inspire you for the new year.

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  1. Hi Lauren, this is lovely! Thank you for your purchase, and purchasES. :) So glad you had fun. I know I did, but I was having a little trouble shopping. You know, the working AT the fair thing puts a small monkey wrench in that. Only one pillow's worth of that tartan fabric remains...Thanks again for your purchase, and this article!