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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Build your own igloo

Okay, bear with me during this post because I swear it has potential.  Last night I went to a holiday boutique and came across a booth that caught my eye.  Now, the idea is great if you tweak it a bit.


with this inside......

Equals this...

Now, I am sure I lost you with the last photo.  It's the only one that was somewhat decent in my Google search but imagine the block without the trees and wording.  They'll look just like glowing ice cubes.  I'd stack three of them on their side in somewhat of a pyramid style and have them atop of a table in a nest of greens.  I think they'd look fabulous.  Not kitschy like the photo but sleek and wintry.

The hard part is cutting a hole in the glass cube.  After some research I have found out how to do it (see below).  Note the cubes can be purchased at Lowe's for cheap or online with pre-drilled holes.  Strand of lights should be 50 bulbs and they are super cheap at places like Big Lots. 

Hole: "Get a 3/4 Diamond bit, use water to cool and wash away the dust. When drilling use slow speed and lots of pressure. Start drilling at 45 degrees then 90. I was drilling 3/4 inch holes in 2 minutes."


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