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Thursday, August 18, 2011


My brothers and I all married our respective spouses in the month of August, so this last week has been filled with anniversaries for my family.  One brother just hit the 1 year anniversay mark, the other has had 2 years of marriage bliss, and my husband and I are celebrating #7.  We have been following the yearly gift guides (modern and traditional), which makes gift giving a bit more of a challenge, but it is fun.  It is amusing to see who cheats the most - though the recipient of the "cheater's" gift often wins.  For instance, for our first anniversary, my husband gave me a new snowboard (because it was made of wood, and wood makes paper, so somehow it counted).  Wow did I feel like a dunce when all he opened was a paper gift certificate from me.

With our 7th anniversary this year, we had wool, copper or desk sets to choose from.  I had planned to post a few options of each that I was "coveting", but decided instead to reflect for a bit on marriage instead.  I am very lucky to have a partner that balances me, supports me, and keeps me laughing.  I wish that you all have (or find) the joy of a loving relationship, because it really does make some of those challenging days when you want to strangle them all worth it.  Getting married shouldn't be your goal in life - it should be a journey that you enjoy being on because it has lots of ups and downs, but really does get better and better.  My parents are 35 years into their marriage, and are still best buds!

So plan the wedding...but also keep focused on the marriage that follows!

Say the vows and mean them, even when life isn't perfect.

Enjoy building your home together, and filling it with whatever family unit suits you.

And continue to make time with each other as the years pile up and the day to day grind beats you down.  Keeping focused on what is important helps you enjoy the Happily Ever After!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the great advice. It sounds like you are very Blessed to have married your best friend!