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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Craigslist finds for under $100..and CL tips.

This weekend I moved.  Moving sucks in case y'all didn't know.  There were a few great things about this move, however.  One, I now have a roommate.  His name is Dan.  He's my boyfriend. Two, our doggies now have a yard. They're super grateful. They thanked us.  Three, I finally get to put this awesome dresser I bough on Craigslist to use.  It had been sitting in my storage for over two months.  It's a lovely piece, very well made, wonderfully vintage, and was only $100.

A few of our dearest friends helped us move and during the move there were questions of "where did you get this?" "where did you get that?".  Most answers were "Craigslist".  Now to prove my point that you can find awesome pieces of furniture on CL I have scoured the site and come up with these beauties.  Can you even believe it!?!  Oh, and moving sucks in case I forgot to tell you.

Remember as you are searching.....

- Don't purchase Ikea items unless you know you'll be getting rid of them in the near future.  They aren't built to last. 

- Look for solid wood furniture.  Most pieces built before the 80's are solid wood.

- Don't let the hardware make your mind up, you can change it!  Simplest way to update an older piece is to change hardware and hardware is cheap!

- Minor scrapes and scratches...super easy to fix! 

- You can paint anything!  My go to site for all things about painting furniture is Centsational Girl.  She rocks!

- Never go alone to meet someone.  Bring a buddy!  Better safe than sorry.

- Make sure to get dimensions before you buy.  It may not fit in your ride (lesson learned the hard way and I drive an SUV) and it may not fit in the space at your home where you'd most like it.  Pictures can be deceiving.

 - If you won't be refinishing or painting the piece, make sure it comes from a smoke-free home.  I purchased a piece a while back and whew it stunk.  I am going to refinish it anyway (I will blog about the makeover in a later post) so it wasn't a big deal but you'd be surprised at how much wood can soak up smoke.

- Chairs - if they're well made and a great price, buy it!  You can reupholster with whatever fabric of your choice and it doesn't cost much!  Sometimes you can even do it yourself!

Happy thrifting!

- Tina

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