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Monday, April 4, 2011

Demijohn Bottles

A few weekends ago the girls and I went to the Stanford Treasure Market.  We scored tons of goodies and left happy.  Who knew my happiness would last until Monday.  A wonderful friend happend by the Treasure Market the sunday after where all things were 50% off.  I had had my eye on this huge green glass bottle and she picked it up for me for $50.  A steal! 

Most don't know what a demijohn is, so let me educate you.  Well, not me but a website I found.

A demijohn was used to transport wine and alcohol as early as the 1700s.  It's like Costco....buy in bulk, esp alcohol!  Demijohns are handblown and most were encased in wicker as to not break in transport. 

I will be using mine to keep my wine corks in but they look great holding branches or on a table top alone.  Just look how lovely they are.

My search has ended and this is a testament to what being patient can bring!   $50.....a steal!


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  1. You can turn it into a wonderful aquarium with a lamp shade on top