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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Thrifty Week - Day 3 - The Plan

After you have hunted for and found that piece that speaks to you, you need a plan for it.  Will it fit into your home as is, or does it need a little DIY love?

If you are like me, you love the work that others do, but really wonder if you can pull off a true DIY project.  Thank goodness for blogs!  I purchased a desk off Craigslist for $5, but it was missing a handle (and the other handles were NOT great), and had a bunch of waterstains on the finish.  I needed a plan for painting and finishing the piece. 

First: Figure out HOW to paint furnature
  • Centsational Girl has a great post entitled Spray Paint FAQ.  Definitely check it out before starting any project - she even includes a video!
  • For basic ideas, MadeMen has a few pointers.
  • I also found the "how-to" spray paint tips from eHow home to be really helpful - especially since I didn't even know what type of sandpaper to use!
Second: Purchase the supplies
  • Lowe's was a great source for the dropcloth, primer, sandpaper, mineral spirits, masks and tack paper.  However, I found the color selection limited (I wanted a reddish/orange), so they referred me to University Art.
  • University Art had some great colors, but still not the orange I wanted, so I went with red (MTN94 Rojo Clandestino).
  • Though I love the handles at Anthropologie, I found the prices for knobs/handles at Cost Plus World Market fit my budget.
  • OSH was a quick stop for the Varathane Premium Polyurethene (Satin) that only takes 2 hours per coat to dry, a brush for application & gloves to protect my hands.  Fun bonus?  The polyurethene bottles has a reference to http://www.woodanswers.com/, which is an online resource for all things (and projects) wood - how fun is that!?!
  • I had a screwdriver (remove the handles) and drill (drill new holes for the new handles) on hand.
Third: Find a friend to help carry the desk to the garage (thanks NL!)

Fourth: Ensure adequate time exists for the sanding, priming, painting (2 coats) and sealing.  I am sure I was slower than normal on my first attempt, but I ended up needing 3 project days to finish everything...though some of that was my limited lighting (natural only) in our apartment garage.

Here are a few images of my work in progress:

Drawers have been primed...
New knob hole drilled...
Original stain (left it inside the cabinets) with my messy primer spray + first coat of red...
 Supplies, ready and waiting...
 Can you see the red coating on the mask?  Safety first!
 Old handle vs. new knob against new color (sorry for the terrible picture!)...

How is your project going?

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