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Monday, April 11, 2011

Party Planning - Milk Bottles and Paper Straws

In many of the party planning blogs, I have noticed that drinks are being served in milk bottles with paper straws.  I have tried a few searches for milk bottles and they are not that easy to find.  Those that are available are quite expensive.  On a couple of blogs, I have seen people repurpose Starbucks Frapaccino bottles as drinkware. If you want to purchase new bottles, here are my recommendations:

Three Potato Four (3P4)
These adorable bottles are a 3P4 original and come with a white number "8" already on them (they are 8 oz. bottles).  Currently sold out on 3P4's site, they are sold as a set of three for $36. I also found out that they are sold individually through Urban Outfitters for $9 each.  Instead of a white "8", the bottles say "Net wt. 8 fluid ounces". 

Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel's Mini Glass Creamer popped up in my search. Many of the reviews complain about the size being too small (2.165" dia. x 3.346" high).  It might still be fine for serving drinks to children, but probably not adults.  They are $1.95 each. 

Sweet Lulu
Sweet Lulu carries three milk bottles in addition to many other wonderful party supplies.  Their Petite Glass Bottles (2" dia. x 6" high) are 12 for $28.  I love the fluting on the neck of this bottle.  
This shop also has rustic bottles in two sizes called Farmstand Milk Bottles.  The large Farmstand Milk Bottle is 5.5" tall and the small is 4.5" tall.  The large bottles are 12 for $36 and the small bottles are 12 for $28.

Striped Paper Straws
The perfect accent for milk bottles are striped paper straws (as seen above in the Petite Glass Bottle photo).  Sweet Lulu carries striped and polka dotted straws. Striped ones are 20 for $4.

Another shop called Garnish only carries red, gray, and blue striped straws.  They are sold individually at $0.05 ea, so their prices are lower than those of Sweet Lulu.  Garnish has an emphasis on simplicity and the sustainable, so use your imagination to dress up their supplies!  There is some crossover on the type of inventory Sweet Lulu carries, and in some cases, Garnish is slightly lower-priced.  



  1. I have the C&B small bottle. It's great for taking salad dressing to work for lunch!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I still need to see these for myself.

  3. Hi - just found your blog and these ideas are so cute! I have also been really excited about paper straws (well, my *kids* have been) - we get them at www.graygoose.com - 144 for $6.50.

    They don't have the whole range of colors but it means we don't have to save them for special occasions!

  4. Thanks Reggie for the additional source! Recently I discovered that House 8810 also carries them ($5/144). Unfortunately, gray is the only color they carry. Kikkerland is another source and they carry a few on their website (blue, red, and gray; $7/144).