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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Crafts for Adults

I love the holidays.  No, seriously, I LOVE the holidays.  Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my time of year.  As proof, I have not gone a single year without a live 7ft tree.......I live alone. I always decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving......always. Christmas music is on the radio at all time...in the car, in the house, and at work.  I realize it's a bit obsessive but hey, at least it's not hoarding cats or collecting owl figurines.

I'm a crafty gal but it's hard to find adult holiday crafts that aren't tacky.  There are plenty for the kiddos, of which I have none, so I searched the net for crafts that aren't too kitschy.  I plan on working a few of these and hope to use the outcome, good or bad, for a future blog.

Some ideas that I love......

Etched glass stemware.  How chic this is and it seems pretty easy.  For the how-to click here.

This is so cute. Imagine the possibilities of colors and adornments.  For the how-to look here.  Seems very easy.

It's made out of paper cupcake liners so it's inexpensive.  Change up the liners to funky colors and this could be a kids craft.  The how-to here.

This pine cone garland is sweet and simple.  I read the how-to here and it's super simple.

Well all, I hope your Tuesday is going well and cheers to you all.


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