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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am sure many of you are on the road traveling today to get to your Thanksgiving destinations.  It is a good time to reflect how thankful we are for everything good we have.  There are so many little blessings in life, so just take a moment and give thanks.

Tomorrow, my husband and I are headed to my homeland.  Since packing is on my mind, I wanted to post a few travel accessory options for you all to keep you organized as you head to the controlled chaos that typically goes hand in hand with family gatherings.

In a world of laptop bags, I have had my eye out for a cute travel carry-on bag that could stand out.  This Metro Bag from Tanner's Alley Leather caught my eye.

Once you are on the plane (or in the car), it seems like everyone has a gadget to keep them occupied.  I even see 4 year olds pulling out smart phones!  With that in mind, this fun little sleeve from Fred Flare brought me a smile.

Though I am not an iPad owner, I couldn't help but love these covers from Twelve South that give an old school look to a new fangled toy.

When going out for dinner, I hate trying to find a place to put my purse that doesn't involve leaving it on the floor.  Lately, I have been seeing these purse hooks everywhere!  There are a lot of design options out there, but this one from Red Envelope can be monogrammed (gift idea, anyone?).

And finally, this pouch from Simbiosis by Julia on Etsy is the perfect little bag to bring a pop of color into your life.  It can be used for your makeup or to store those little necessary items in your purse.

I like the blending of the sophisticated leather travel bag (above) with this whimsical little pouch.  Keep them guessing!

Safe Travels,


  1. Wow, we are on the same wavelength b/c I saw (and coveted) the same exact purse hook from Red Envelope (not that I need one considering I do not get out much and furthermore, I prefer not to carry a purse)! Hope you and your hubby enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend!!!


  2. Those purse hooks are a genius idea, and I have even seen some restaurants include hooks, but not as nice or accessible as these. Cute, cute little whimsical travel bag, why not have fun,and so practical too!!
    Thanks to all of you...