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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vintage Steamer Trunks

We have a small home, which is typical for California unless you are millionaire, so I am always on the lookout for storage options that also are design pieces.  Recently I have been on the hunt for a vintage steamer trunk.  This one from TopsyDesign on Etsy is really unique:

Of course, if the pink is throwing you off, there are so many other designs.  I am also very partial to the wood/metal combo on a trunk from Antique Victorian Trunks, so would choose one closer to this for my home:

My mom has a fantastic steamer trunk with a dome lid that I loved even as a child.  The dome lids are rare since back in the day, they were not as stackable as the flat lids.  They were, after all, meant for travel.  If you decide to purchase a steamer trunk for your home, just imagine where it may have traveled in its lifetime!
For those bargin hunters out there, look on craigslist.com.  I know in the San Francsico Bay Area, there are a number of great options.  Maybe you can find one in your area too.

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