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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Party Favors - Drawstring Backpacks

So a few posts ago, I mentioned that I was deep in party-planning mode.  The party is now over and I finally had a chance to download all of my pictures.  

The first item I wanted to share with you is the backpack that my Mom and I made for all the kids (thanks Mom!).  We stayed up late two nights in a row to get them done (16 in all).  A while back, I found this backpack tutorial on Prudent Baby via Pinterest.  The instructions and pictures for the backpack were very easy to follow.  Since the party was Star Wars themed, I bought black fabric from JoAnn Fabrics and black ribbon from Michaels Arts and Crafts.  

To liven up all of the black, we used yellow accent thread for the boys and pink for the girls to sew up the top of the bag holding the drawstring.  I also personalized the bags with iron-on transfers, again yellow for the boys and pink for the girls.  I created the graphics for the iron-ons on Microsoft Word using text boxes. The background for each is simply a text box filled with diagonal stripes in yellow or pink.  Then I layered each child's initial in Star Jedi, a Star Wars-like font, that I downloaded from dafont.  Here is the finished project. 

Girls backpacks: 

Girls backpack closeup:

Boys backpacks:

Boys backpack closeup:

The size of the backpacks were a little smaller that I had hoped, but they are perfect for 2-4 year olds.  The kids were eager to put on their bags and dip into the goodies inside.

The ladies from Prudent Baby have several projects that I can't wait to make.  I love their fabric choices too which are primarily from Fabricworm.  Prudent Baby has "Fabric Fridays" where they have a fabric giveaway.  A different fabric is featured each week.

Tomorrow I will post the items that I filled the backpacks with (and hopefully upload some of the graphics so you can print them out too).


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  1. Awesome! The backpacks look adorable! How long did each backpack take to assemble between the cutting, sewing, and iron-on monograms?