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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Star Wars Party Day

I promise that this is my last post about the Star Wars Party!

My main focus for the party was to make sure that the children would be entertained.  My featured entertainment was a Death Star Pinata.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a picture of the finished product so I will have to update this post once I get the picture from a partygoer.(UPDATED - Scroll down to see photo.)
I used a punch balloon and layered the paper mache over it. The pinata looks a little deformed because I left it out overnight and a bird or other nocturnal creature attacked it and popped the balloon.  I had to then patch it up (see wet patch below).
My husband spray painted the entire pinata a light grey color and then he used pinstriping masking tape (used for car detailing) and some of my Japanese washi tape to mask off the areas that were supposed to stay grey.  
He then sprayed painted the entire pinata black.  He even cut out a circle for the Superlaser Cannon Well, inverted it, and epoxied it back on.  

In total, I think I had 5 layers of paper.  I thought for sure it would be cracked within 6 hits since it felt less substantial than a store-bought pinata, but I was wrong.  All the children had at least 4 attempts at hitting the pinata.  It was good fun!

At the party, I had one picnic table dedicated to items that the children could play or craft with.  I bought bubble wands that essentially looked like light sabers and punch balloons (thanks Tina!).  Between those two items, the children were entertained for about an hour or more.  I had also set out crafts (one was a blank Yoda head that the kids could paint and decorate and the other was DIY Star Wars masks downloaded from StarWars.com that they could cut out), but none of the children had a chance to make them.  

I had also planned for the children to decorate cookies, but I wasn't able to make the royal icing.  Instead, they had plain Star Wars cookies.  The cookie cutters are from Williams Sonoma (see here and here).


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