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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Succulents

I’m a busy girl with a red brick, full sun patio that just cooks plants.  So I need something hardy that can stand up to the heat and doesn’t require much water.  Succulents seem to be able to handle my neglect and the patio space.  Here’s a tour of what I’m growing…

Sempervivum -- I think this is also called ‘hen and chicks’ because it sprouts a bunch of babies from the main plant.

Mesa Verde –This is a trailing plant and it is draping itself very romantically over the edges of my planter boxes and cascading nicely to the ground.

Erythraeum –I’ve got this growing in a couple of Mexican terra cotta pots.  The terra cotta is a nice contrast to the soft blue-green of the leaves.

Calcareum –The geometric shape of the leaves  is highlighted by the deep purple color of the leaves’ edges.

Sedum Rubrotinctum –I just love that these are known as ‘jelly beans’.

Happy Planting!  Hope your summer is off to a sunny start.

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